Sunday, February 7, 2010


So Krogg have small list of things to share:

Thing #1 is Krogg think you should see Catch up with fellow caveman racer (and former teammate) Adrian Hegyvary at his team camp in Tucson. Krogg very impressed and jealous of mega bling bling bikes and wheels and team campers. Wow UnitedHealthcare Cycling Team -- Krogg now very very scared of you. That one Hunky Hungarian:

Thing #2 is Krogg discover he getting old after trying to go to rock concert last night. Krogg find that rock concerts happen very very late at night: doors open at 8:45?? that nearly bed time for cyclist caveman!!!! Headline band don't come on stage until 10:45???? Christ! Small amount of mental math suggest concert don't finish until midnight at least!!!!!?!?!?!?!? Oh dear. Krogg find concert extreme test of endurance, both mental and physical, despite neither dancing nor drinking all night. Krogg astonished with how old and lame he is. Concert difficulty remind Krogg of college days, back when Krogg would drink beer at party, go to concert and dance, drink more beer at different party, and still knock out six hours of homework in single weeknight. What the hell happening to Krogg? Regardless, here some pictures:

Thing #3 is that Krogg also go to guinea pig show. Here pictures, most of which are self-explanatory:

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