Monday, February 22, 2010

Krogg Suffer Big Big Ouch This Weekend

So this weekend Krogg decide he have itchy racing legs, so Krogg drive to Sublimity for race. This race have plenty of good hills. All short hills, but lots of hills, good hills for Krogg. Race begin, and Krogg feeling very good at first -- Krogg help break group apart on second lap. [Note: all pictures come from Oregon Cycling Action blog. Krogg love this blog. You should visit!] Here Krogg in group of riders: 
Eventually group get chased down. Then on third lap, Krogg attack and break away with other rider. Here Krogg with other rider:

Krogg think him have pretty damn good chance of winning this race -- Krogg have nice gap with other rider, and Krogg pretty sure him stronger than breakaway partner. Krogg get slightly overconfident, and (perhaps) take one too many hard pulls in wind. Krogg feel steadily worse and worse. With race drawing to a close, Krogg suffer major meltdown -- we're talkin' friggin' Chernobyl here. Krogg not entirely sure what happened -- caveman memory somewhat foggy -- all Krogg know is suddenly other rider drop Krogg like bad habit, and leave Krogg all alone. Krogg limp into finish line with much much pain. Krogg suppress urge to vomit entire last few miles. Finally Krogg finish, barely hanging onto second place. BIG OUCH!!!!!

Here Krogg big ouch face:

Krogg even end up quoted in race write-up. Read about race here. Krogg like to give Oregon Cycling Action huge thank you -- Krogg's suffering might have been forgotten otherwise. Regardless, Krogg pleased with second place. Pleased but not satisfied.


Eli said...

Sam, I don't know what I love more about this time of year, getting to start reading your race reports again or pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training. Well, that's not true: I love pitchers and catchers reporting more, but the fact that it took me even the length of time it took to type that first sentence to figure that out means I must really love getting to read your race reports again.

Gliderbison said...

And my race reports love getting read by you Eli. Yes they do.

Mandel said...

I have similar feelings to Eli, baseball and Sam race reports, utter meltdowns or otherwise, great stuff.