Monday, April 6, 2009

Cherry Blossom Roundup

Back in my (short-lived, pain-filled) rugby days, after we'd finish playing a match, the refs would get together and decide upon a "man of the match." This would be the guy who made the biggest impact on the game, the guy who made the big plays when they were needed most, the guy who brought home the frickin' bacon. The "man of the match" at the 2009 Cherry Blossom Classic is undoubtedly Adrian "The Hungarian" Hegyvary. Here's a recap of Adrian's race:

Stage 1 RR: rode defensively for Nick and me, did his job as a teammate and kept the pack under control, before finally taking second in the field sprint for 9th overall.

Stage 2 TT: went absolutely ape-shit, winning the whole thing, and leapfrogging into 6th GC.

Stage 3 crit: salvaged our broken lead-out, getting 6th.

Stage 4 RR: helped marshal our riders around the battle field, guiding us to our finest display of team tactics to date. [note: the course was 3 laps of a 27 mile circuit, with one major climb (7 miles, 1400 feet) and two fast, slightly technical descents.] We sent two guys up the road on lap 1, Adrian bridged up to them on the descent on lap two, they worked smoothly until lap 3 when Adrian took matters into his own hands, and soloed in the last 20 miles. Paul Mach, the GC leader, and by far the strongest climber (and arguably strongest guy in general), tried, got close, and ultimately failed to reel in our brave Hungarian strong-man. Adrian won the race by five seconds.

Adrian Hegyvary, winning two stages, and never finishing outside the top 10? You are hereby:

As for the rest of us, Nick and I finished in the first chase group (5th and 7th respectively), and Patrick Stanko and Lang Reynolds finished in the second chase. Nick and I held out GC spots, and Stanko even moved up a spot in GC -- leaving us with 3rd, 4th, 6th, and 8th in GC, two stage wins, and two 3rd places. Pretty good -- and hopefully just a sign of things to come. We still have a lot to work on, but this was a pretty good way to start our serious season.

UPDATE: Awh SHIT we made Velonews!


colin said...

oh boy, do i see the crouching arm, hidden aerodynamic foot of Sam Johnson?

Dirkage said...

Those do appear to be some scuba gear shoe covers. That was some awesome riding down there Sam! way to go!

Jamie W. said...

Congrats on a SWEET article on Velonews for both you and Hagens Berman. Outshining the pro team...nice!!!