Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter, You're a Bitch

Thank you, chocolate bunny rabbit,
You arrived on my doorstep,
Filled with the wide-eyed love for living,
That only baby animals possess.

Your heart and soul,
Not hollow or empty,
Not a shell around void,
But solid through and through.

So it hurt me, chocolate bunny rabbit,
As I'm sure it hurt you,
When I bit your
Ears first.

Your eyes remained wide,
But accusatory now, terrified,
Stage 3: bargaining,
But I ignored your silent plea.

It wasn't until I finished your tail,
That your revenge was got.
The heartburn kicked in,
And I read the back of your box.

You mean to tell me, chocolate bunny rabbit,
That you, in all your supposed innocence,
You were hiding a dark secrete behind those milky eyes?
That you were nearly one-thousand fucking calories?

Well no remorse for you, chocolate bunny rabbit,
The memory of your crying eyes,
Floats a thin smile,
Across my sticky lips.

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