Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dropping The "L-Bomb"

Ok....I can't hold it back any longer. Now that the gears have been put irreversibly into motion, thrusting us headlong towards Silver City to compete in the 23rd annual Tour of the Gila -- I just gotta spill the beans:

There are rumors floating around certain clandestine cycling circles that this year's Tour of the Gila might have some high-profile participants. Some very high profile participants. Catch my drift? Yes that's right, I'm talking about the man himself. The head-honcho. The mack-daddy. I'm talking about the Boss.

It's true: in less than one week from today, I'll be lining up to race against none other than Bruce-fucking-Springsteen. While most people are familiar with The Boss for his incredible career as a singer/songwriter, Springsteen was actually a pretty good Cat 3 cyclist in his late teens and early twenties. He has secretly been planning a comeback to competitive racing for years now, and as I'm sure will soon be shared with the greater public, has decided to make the SRAM Tour of the Gila his first bicycle race in nearly forty years. For some strange reason, race organizers have granted Springsteen "honorary category one" status (apparently doing so increases the race's marketability), so he'll be out there in spandex, pedaling down the roads of Southeast New Mexico just like me.

Honestly, this is going to be a great honor. Bruce Springsteen is one of the reasons I started cycling in the first place; for some reason I always thought his song "Born to Run" was actually "Born to Ride" and assumed it was about bikes. I'm extremely excited to see if I've got what it takes to kick his sixty year old ass. I'm pretty sure I do, but then again, he's really fit for a sexagenarian -- I mean look at the guy -- he's the friggin' Boss!

Actually, the guy I'm really worried about is a little younger, has zero Billboard top 40 hits to his name, but half as many testicles as The Boss (note: assumption). Boo yeah. Bomb dropped.

P.S. I'm still looking for Silver City housing.


Abby said...

I am no help to you...
I haven't heard back from the woman in Silver City yet and my aunt and cousins are coming to stay with my parents, which leaves you to look in the windows and cry outside with the coyotes instead.

Perhaps a Parrot said...

Don't worry -- I'm sure we'll find warm places to rest our heads (indoors). Thanks for trying.

Dirk said...

Holy crap Sam! That's awesome! Get some goofy pictures with the man!

Gila Monster said...

Yes, Landis will be here. Have you tried here
for housing?