Saturday, June 19, 2010

Here's (exactly) What (the hell) Happened:

Starting Tuesday morning I:
  • flew out to minnesota
  • raced in the prologue
    • did pretty well!
  • raced in the st. paul crit
    • got jettisoned out the back so fast it made my head spin!
      • did not make the cut for the next day
    • how the hell did that happen? 
      • well the course was pretty tight
      • and I am still a little frazzled from my crashes at mt. hood
      • but I was one of only three guys not to make the cut
        • ouch
        • you suck
  • wallowed in self pity
    • "I'm not a bike racer -- I'm just a SHAM, pretending to be a bike racer!"
  • drank a few beers
    • felt awesome
  • realized the elkhorn classic hadn't started yet
  • made a flurry of phone calls (team manager, elkhorn-bound teammates, etc.)
  • made a flurry of internet arrangements (rebooking tickets, checking elkhorn rosters, etc.)
  • crossed my fingers that they'd let me into the race
  • flew out to seattle
  • got picked up by the team van and drove to Baker City
  • begged and pleaded that I be added to the roster
  • raced the road race
  • raced the time trial
    • got fourth!
And that pretty much brings us up to speed. 

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Terradise said...

Glad to hear the second part!

PS I like the blog, haven't really read it in the past.