Wednesday, June 16, 2010

PIMP MY RIDE: River Front TT Course

What's up everyone -- this is Xzibit and I'm here to PIMP YOUR RIDE! Today we're going to help out my friend Sam who wants to ride in the Nature Valley Grand Prix Prologue. As some of you may know, the rules changed at this year's race, banning the use of time trial bikes and certain aerodynamic equipment. So, if my boy Sam wants to go fast on his road bike, he's going to need an aero makeover courtesy of West Coast Customs. Let's get to it -- Sam, are you ready to get your ride PIMPED?!?

I'm going to start off by moving that saddle all the way forward. This will help you to roll those hips forward when you're tucked into an aero position.

Then I'm going to rip out those bottle cages -- you don't need that extra drag!
Next up, I'm going to turn your bike over to my boy Steve at West Coast Customs -- he's going to pimp out your cockpit. Steve:

"WHAT'S UP SAM! You brought your bike in here looking like it was ready for a fat-tire-derby. It's going to leave looking like it's ready for the prologue at the Tour. First up, I'm swapping out your stem -- you need a 140 mm stem on there so you can get LONG and LOW."

"The next thing I'm going to hook you up with is a totally custom ziptie cable harness to keep those cables out of the wind. Check it."
"Next up, your bar tape. You came in here with your tape in tatters after your crashes at Mt. Hood. I'm going to hook you up with some SICK black electrical tape to hold you over until you get some new tape on there." 
"OK Xzibit, that's all I got-- back over to you."

Sick Steve. Nice work. Next up, wheels. I've called in a few favors, and I've gotten you a sweet Cole T85 front wheel to blast you along that course. Scope it out:

Alright, and I've saved the best for last. I found you some SWEET pipe insulation to wrap around your handlebars so you can rest your forearms on there while you're hammering along the flats. Don't have aerobars? This cheap black foam is the next best thing!

Alright Sam, your ride is now officially PIMPED. Now get out there and set that River Front Time Trial course on FIRE! 


vannabo said...

Wow, that was fabulous.

Good luck brobro, I think you are ready to wreak havock on that pavement.

Jamie Sparling said...

best blog ever

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