Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ski To Sea

Krogg begin ski to sea early in morning. Krogg walk downstairs feeling very sleepy at this early early hour, only to find wonderful teammate already pour cup of coffee for Krogg! Gosh that great way to start race day. Then Krogg drive to parking lot where we wait for runner to tag Krogg. Let Krogg explain: Ski to Sea is relay race. First, cross country skier start. Then him tag uphill/downhill skier. Then him tag runner. Then finally him tag Krogg. Here is view of mountains near parking lot: 
Here is view of runner finish line. Krogg warm up nearby. Thank goodness for no rain!

First runner to finish is for Barron Heating. Him come and tag Adrian. Adrian take off very fast, and Krogg hope that BOSS runner not far behind. Finally Spencer (BOSS runner) come in and tag Krogg, and Krogg start! This time trial very very long. Krogg all by himself all day, and only caught sight of Adrian once or twice. At finish, Krogg tag BOSS canoeists, and then collapse on grass. Big ouch. Then Krogg drive from canoe start to finishline, and listen to AM radio live coverage of race! Krogg's canoeists retake lead! Yippy! At finish line, Krogg amazed with how many people there are! Here is bluff overlooking water. People all looking for first Kayaker.   

Here fast Kayaks: 

Here two spectators: 

BOSS WIN RACE!!! Here after party. This very good BBQ, thanks to BOSS Construction. 

This teammate Steve Fisher. Steve, who's the BOSS? 

Steve race mountain bike leg of relay. Him go very fast (like lightning!), and this make Steve very hungry (like hippo!). Here steve attack hamburger with gusto: 

This Max Taam. Him do uphill/downhill race. Max have big smile because team win (and because fruit salad at BBQ contain mango, and Max Taam LOOOOOOVES mango!): 

This Ivan. Ivan do nordic skiing leg. Ivan very fast skier, plus Ivan hail from both Russia and Canada, so Ivan pretty cool caveman. 

Team win!

This BOSS construction team, with sponsors and everybody. Sponsors very happy with race outcome. Racers happy too. 

Krogg go fastest time of day! 


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Mafia Don said...

Find a way to fit it into your schedule next year Krogg! We gotta have you back! Defending the title is a helluva lot more challenging than winning it was, and winning it was amazingly difficult with everyone having to go all out for a long, long time! Be HERE! (By the way, me thinks NATIONAL TV COVERAGE will be at the race next year. It's not 100% official yet, but it's in the works (ESPN/Versus)