Thursday, June 24, 2010

TT Nats

It's tough to realize
That simply wanting something
Doesn't make it yours

And that trying hard
Often isn't good enough
When push comes to shove

The script I drafted
Clearly wasn't seen by all
And if so, ignored

Worst part: feeling good
About my ride, before that
Glimmer of hope - snuffed

Now I feel stupid
For shaving my hands and arms
So I'd go faster

Oh stop it! You child!
So what - you got your ass kicked!
Won't be the last time

Get up sam, come on
There's more racing to be done
Things will turn around

Just go eat a lot
Of ice cream, that will fix things
I mean it will, right?


Anonymous said...

Ice cream does make the pain go away.

Top 10 in nats is nothing to sneeze at, though. pleased but not satisfied, eh?

I've really enjoyed reading your blog this season. It's been both entertaining and inspiring.


Perhaps a Parrot said...

Thank you Marc. I had half a tub of mint-brownie. Things are much better.

Anonymous said...

The way I see it, shaving your hands and arms got you in the top ten:10 65 Sam Johnson Seattle, WA 46:10.0 208321 38 Lake Washington Velo
11 60 Cameron Cogburn Freeville, NY 46:10.3 235379 25 CCB/CCB Racing
That's 3/100's of a second over 11th. Surly the difference was less hair.............

sixtothe20 said...

I make homemade ice cream for your return?

Bob Cesca said...

Sam - You're not only one of my favorite riders, but you're an amazing talent, both on the bike and on the blog. And top 10 is nothing to sneeze at. Cheers!

Jamie Sparling said...


BC superweeeeeek(ends)??