Monday, November 15, 2010

Leaving Seattle

What is it about moving? 

Right now, I'm preparing to uproot. Granted, by some standards, my roots never got that deep in Seattle. It's not like I own a house here. It's not like my cousins live down the street. Still, Seattle has been home for the last two years, and from a plant's perspective uprooting is always traumatic, no matter how deep its roots. 

Boise bound. I'm Boise bound and that's not a bad thing. Not at all -- I'm thrilled to live there again. And I'm sure Boise will have me back; after all we left on good terms. After all, it was just under three years ago that I was doing the inverse. Boise to Seattle. 

Now Seattle to Boise. The emotions are similar, though not the same. 

I'm moving to Boise to be closer to my new team. It make sense in so many ways: better riding, cheaper living, more team mates. My new team. I'm on a new team! That feels strange to say. I've been with this team for five years. For five years this team has been nurturing me. Building me. "Developing" me. It's flattering. And it's sad to leave. I'll miss Hagens Berman. I will do my best to make you proud. Your time and money and energy and support were well placed. 

There are a few obstacles that I must overcome before I can leave. Gotta get my truck running again. Gotta sell enough stuff or do enough work to afford my travels. Gotta say goodbye to everyone, especially the people who have helped me this far -- my friends and teammates. 

And it's not like I'm moving to Egypt. I'll see all you Seattlites again. And we'll gulp gourmet coffee in classy coffee shops, and we'll dance dance dance til our feet hurt and our knees ache, and we'll ride the North End Loop, or the South End Loop of maybe even get out to Carnation or Monroe or Snoqualmie Falls.

It's not like I'm moving to Egypt. 

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