Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday Morning Happy Sad

Things that make me happy: Aroma Coffee of Santa Fe's piñon blend with hazelnut.

Christine sent me some of my favorite coffee from Santa Fe. I'm planning on spending the holidays in New Mexico, and this little taste of home gets me very excited indeed.

Things that make me sad: watching Boise State lose.

What is it about watching your favorite sports team lose? It's just a stupid game, so why do I care so much? I don't personally know any of the players, nor am I particularly invested in football. Nevertheless, last night's game was heart-wrenching. Boise State blew a huge lead, and their kicker missed two game-winning field goal attempts from under 30 yards (one with 2 seconds of regulation time, and one in overtime), thus breaking their 24 game winning streak, and crushing their hopes of playing for the national title. That kicker should never have been put in that situation -- like I said, the Broncos squandered a three-score lead -- but oh how my heart goes out to that guy. Kyle Brotzman is normally a solid kicker. He's got a good record, and almost never misses kicks from that distance. I'd bet that he has practices where he kicks 100 field goals from the 30 yard line and misses none. And last night he missed two in a row. That guy is going to be called Ray Finkle more times than he gets called Kyle Brotzman.

Things that make me happy: the snow melted!

Seattle just emerged from a severe winter blizzard. For those who aren't from around these parts, Seattle is woefully unprepared to combat winter storms. The entire city has a fleet of exactly two snow plows, and people downright lose their heads at the sight of snow. Even though we saw it coming days ahead of time, the city was still utterly paralyzed once the roads got iced over. There must have been thousands of fender benders citywide (check out the slippery roads and bad drivers here), and nobody I know went to work on Tuesday morning. Our house, thanks to it's turn-of-the-century-construction (the last century mind you, meaning no insulation in the walls and cracked, single-pane windows), has a maximum interior temperature of about 60 degrees, regardless of where the thermostat is set. Oh boy!

Things that make me sad: the snow melted.
You've got to admit, it was pretty fun while it lasted. I dusted off my cyclocross bike and went about business as usual. It took a little longer to get from point A to B, but the whole city felt like a giant cyclocross course.

Things that make me happy: I've ordered a new computer through the internet.
After relentlessly scouring the internet for the best deal on a new laptop, I finally pulled the trigger, and (hopefully) will soon be the owner of a brand new laptop. My current laptop, the wonderful vintage that it is, can be a touch frustrating to use. For instance, something got scrambled in its ability to recognize fonts, so roughly one-third of the internet appears in Wingdings, while the rest appears in Georgia. Go Black Friday!

Things that make me happy and sad: Four Loko is now banned.

Four Loko, Sparks, and Joose are all alcoholic energy drinks. These beverages were recently banned nationwide by the FDA. Four Loko is affectionately called "a blackout in a can," and after taking this ridiculously sweet, ridiculously caffeinated, and very alcoholic substance for a test drive, I now see why. A single can of Four Loko contains as much alcohol as an entire six-pack of beer, and the equivalent of several energy drinks. I mean, there is no way to responsibly consume a full can of this! We passed a total of three cans of this substance around a fifteen-person dinner party. Here I am polishing off the can of Sparks, and about to sample the Joose:
After a few minutes everyone in the room was hyper and loud. Or enraged like the hulk:
Thank god I never got ahold of this stuff when I was a teenager. I love how in this next picture I appear to be the only person at the table drinking alcoholic energy drinks, as well as the only person with my eyes fully open. How ironic.
The next thing you knew, the rather civil dinner party had descended into a full-blown robot-themed dance party. See what you've done Four Loko??? The madness!!!

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