Monday, November 8, 2010


Now it time for Krogg favorite game: Krogg Remember!

In this game, Krogg use caveman brainpower to remember things from past. This not easy thing for neanderthal mind -- acorn sized brain only have so much space!


Krogg go on long ride up near Bellingham yesterday.

First thing Krogg do is 20 minute power test. This where Krogg go as hard as Krogg can for 20 minutes and see what number say on little computer gizmo. Krogg love computer gizmo -- Garmin is name, because computer gizmo tell all about Krogg's ride. Unfortunately, computer gizmo have full memory, so Krogg can't share ride with you.


Krogg start test.

A few minutes into test, Krogg feel pain in legs like he hasn't felt in -- KROGG REMEMBER!!! POWER TEST HURT LIKE THE DICKENS!!! OUCH OUCH OUCH. Krogg push hard, and eventually finish test, but whoah -- Krogg not hurt like that since Utah!

A few miles after test, Krogg feel very tired. Krogg start to pedal slow. Krogg can no longer keep up with riding partner. Krogg start to feel awful. Suddenly, Krogg reach into back pocket and -- KROGG REMEMBER! It important to EAT and DRINK while riding. Krogg so rusty him forget to eat anything for first hour and half of ride! Krogg remove plastic bag containing mini-cinnamon rolls, and devour:

Then Krogg continue ride. Ride take Krogg and Alan (riding partner) all over! Krogg and Alan go by beautiful Sammish Lake. Then Krogg and alan climb little hill over to Chuckanut Drive. Something about Chuckanut Drive seem familiar....KROGG REMEMBER!!! Krogg pedal down beautiful Chuckanut drive several months ago! Krogg LOVE Chuckanut Drive (Krogg also love mini-cinnamon roll)!!
Finally, Krogg and Alan start getting close home. Krogg start to feel very VERY tired, and this time, Krogg fear that mini cinnamon rolls not fix problem. Krogg eat one more, just to see:

...but indeed, cinnamon rolls not fix problem. Krogg fear him ride himself to pieces. Poor Krogg. Then Krogg fall asleep on couch and slip into pseudo-coma while watching James Bond movie. When Krogg awaken, Krogg try to go walk up stairs and -- holy cow KROGG REMEMBER! Krogg ride himself to pieces earlier -- him no go up stairs like normal caveman. Legs hurt way too much for that! Krogg take steps one at a time. More like one step per minute.

Krogg remember: Krogg love training.

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Tony Velasco said...

Wow, the way my legs always feel after a long ride. Yeah, I go to hard, hence the year long sabbatical from riding due to chronic knee tendonitis.

Maybe in the Spring my knees will love me again, but at 41, maybe it will only be a dalliance, not true love.