Thursday, April 7, 2011

Set That Bike UP!

Oh yeah. It's time. Finally I've had the chance to really spend some time working on my position on my TT bike. I took by beautiful Felt B2 to Tom Coleman of WN Precision. Tom is a master bike fitter, and a sponsor of Team Exergy. He spent nearly three hours of his time carefully adjusting my bike. 

 Tom is extremely meticulous, and uses an array of tools to make sure that the saddle and handlebars are exactly where he wants them. It's not called WN Precision for nothing -- I saw him use calipers, a torque wrench, a digital level, and a laser level.
 Here's my machine all finished. (Note the phone book underneath the front wheel -- it serves as a convenient, infinitely adjustable front wheel stand, to insure the bike is level.)
After we finished adjusting the bike, we spent some time coaching my position on that bike. He gave me some great tips for how to remain aero while still cranking out the watts. I have the chance to field test this new position this weekend. Giddyup.



Jamie Stangeland said...

The pug could be more aero.

Perhaps a Parrot said...

Those face wrinkles really slow you down (at least in the wind tunnel). I suggested a helmet with a visor, but pugs are old school, so he went without any helmet at all.