Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sometimes You TOTALLY Luck Out!

One of my favorite components of being a racer is the chance to travel around the country, and stay at all these wonderful homestays. Over the years, I've stayed in some amazinglavish, and downright bizarre places. Staying with a host family really adds a lot to my experience at a race; they're far more comfortable and interesting than a hotel room, and they leave me with such awesome memories. Plus, sometimes, you TOTALLY luck out! Like the house I'm staying in right now -- there are HORSIES EVERYWHERE!!!! Here are a few snapshots from the bedroom that Matt and I will be sharing through the weekend. Enjoy: 

Horsies on the bedspread.

Horsies on the wall! And a play-kitchen!

Horsies on the shelf.

Horsies on the coat rack!

This is an impressive collection of hair bows.

Doll furniture.

Hello Kitty phone. 

Blue ribbons from showing real horsies!

More dolly furniture, plus a real dolly!

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