Friday, April 15, 2011

Stuff That is Awesome

First off, if you're a will Ferrell fan, or a Three Amigos fan, you're in luck, because this basically looks like a modern re-make of the Three Amigos. I can't tell if it's a full length movie, but regardless, I can't wait.

The next thing I've got on the Awesome List is NASA. I just love NASA and the crazy ideas they come up with. Read this article about how they plan to lower the next new-and-improved (and really heavy) Mars rover to the planet's surface. It's like science fiction -- only without the fiction. NASA nerds, I salute you.

After that, the Awesome List calls, once again, for my teammates. Matt Cooke went up the road today and took the lead in the KOM points, and Andres Diaz got his second second place in his second day of racing. WOW. Podium Insight has brief results.

Finally, on the Awesome List, enjoy these contrasting views on the pain scale.

View 1.
View 2.
View 3

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