Friday, April 8, 2011


So next race Krogg do called Sea Otter Classic. Oh boy! Krogg like sound of that! Sea otter good animal -- strong teeth, good hunter, fast swimmer, like to smash crustaceans on belly with rock. Good animal make good race! Krogg never do Sea Otter Classic, but hear of many times. Sea Otter Classic big big big festival too -- road bike, mountain bike, vendor booth, clowns and unicorns! Much much much to do at Sea Otter -- Krogg hope he have chance to do more than just race, like watch crazy downhill racers scream "KOWABUNGA" as they dive off cliff, find real live sea otter and give pet, or even just walk around expo area and try to find free swag. 

This Sea Otter first road event: Sea Otter Crit. 

WHAT? HOT DOG CRIT?? WHY??? Krogg LOVE hot dog crit...NOT! (Caveman only recently master nuances of "not" joke.)  Goddamit -- can't they make other type of race for Krogg? Like giant lazy circle crit? Or even better -- giant straight line crit? Oh well. Hot dog crit suit Krogg teammates just fine, so there

Look at more Sea Otter course map here.



IAN! said...

I believe it's called the Otter Pop Crit.

Have fun Sammy! We'll miss you at volunteer park... NOT!

Ian Crane said...

I did miss you at VP, and also you sound like a track racer

Karsten said...

Don't worry about the first hill....the second hill is MUCH STEEPER!!!!!