Friday, May 6, 2011


Ok. Shoutout time. The entire Team Exergy Speed Week hit-squad deserves some GliderBison love, so here we go:

CARLOS ALZATE gets the biggest and baddest shoutout of all. He's FRIGGIN LEADING Speed Week. Yes, you heard that right. Do you see this:
We call him "Hollywood" 

1. Carlos Alzate, Team Exergy – 944 pts
2. Luca Damiani, Kenda/5-Hour Energy – 928 pts
3. Hilton Clarke, UnitedHealthCare – 925 pts
4. Jake Keough, UnitedHealthCare – 909 pts
5. Andrew Dahlheim, Bissell – 834 pts

(complete points breakdown here.)

Yeah. Badass. Or, as they say in Colombia, vacano.


Eric is sitting 7th overall right now, and has been consistent all week, snatching a 10th, a 5th, and a 4th so far. With a smile like that, I have no doubt that Eric is every bit as successful chatting up hotties after the race as he is sprinting for the money. Good luck this weekend Eric, both on and off the bike!

Next: BEN "BONE CRUSHER" CHADDOCK. Solid riding from the neo-pro! Ben, you make Whitman proud! Ben is sitting at 15th overall, and is really rising to the occasion, providing crucial assistance to Carlos and Barly all week.
Look at Ben CRUSH those bars!
Lastly REMI MCMANUS. Remi is showing us young whipper snappers a thing or two about how to GET IN TO SHAPE QUICK. I raced with Remi in his first race of the season, the 1/2 crit at Redlands (held at the same time as the Sunset Loop circuit race). That a month ago. Now Remi is slaying it at the front of Speed Week crits, helping our boys. Killer job Remi. Keep it up!

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