Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Boy oh boy, Krogg have big day in Idaho. Last weekend, Krogg race in race. Not normal race...this race DIRT BAG DASH! 

This first year for Dirt Bag Dash -- what good race! Race put on by JoyRide Cycles. THANKS JOYRIDE! Race start like this: 

THAT RIGHT! Dirt Bag Dash all on dirt road -- Krogg love. Why Krogg love dirt road? Because when Krogg push on pedals very hard.....KROGG SMASH!!!!!!!!! Krogg teammate Kai also love dirt road! Kai SMASH TOO!! So race start, and before long, KAI AND KROGG SMASH!!!!!! Another part of Dirt Bag Dash that Krogg and Kai love -- BEER! By time Krogg and Kai finish first lap of race, gap to next group on road bigger than gap between mammoth tusks, so Kai ask Krogg question "should we get beer now?" Krogg see no reason why not. So Krogg and Kai stop in feed zone and ask for beer, and race promoters give! Exergy cavemen drink nice cold beer, and then hurry back to bikes, just before next group on road catch. Krogg and Kai burp for a mile or two afterwards, but legs feel great! 

Kai smash dirt roads -- only dirt road smash Kai back! Kai get flat tire. Then Kai fix flat tire. Then Kai flat again! Then Kai fix flat again. Then Kai still finish 3rd. KAI STRONG CAVEMAN. 

Krogg no flat -- KROGG SMASH!!! 

Krogg WIN Dirt Bag Dash. Here podium. KROGG FIRST WIN OF SEASON!!!! 

Dirt Bag Dash also guess.....DIRTBAGS!!!! Others accuse Krogg of be dirt bag at various times in life, so this race perfect! Only one thing Krogg no plan on....bigger dirtier dirt bag than Krogg! There no words to describe the level of dirt bag achieved by John. Only photo show: 

Notice: John race in jean shorts. On single-speed. With Exergy cap. AND GREATEST FACIAL HAIR KNOWN TO MAN!

John easily win "Dirt Bag Award" for being best dirt bag. 
Congrats to John! 

Krogg win many bike races, but none so sweet as Dirt Bag Dash. DIRT BAGS FOREVER!

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