Sunday, May 29, 2011

Full-Blown Stupid

My day in pictures. Let me start with a brief setup.

The organizers of US Pro graciously gave us a day off in between the two events, so today we had the opportunity for a leisurely morning, followed by a nice little ride. We planned on riding a loop of the road race course, including a trip up Paris Mountain (the very difficult climb we shall go up four times tomorrow). We all packed our bags, loaded our bikes and piled in the van. I grabbed what I thought were my bike shoes, but upon arrival, I discovered these instead: 
Oh you've got to be kidding me. Yes, those would be my freshly polished Nike sneakers. I'd left my Bonts at home. 
This meant I drove sag instead of riding the course. 
 Something I was NOT happy about:
I got to see the (very hard looking) climb. 

And the circuit down in town....from the driver's seat of the van.  
Once everyone was done riding, I parked the van to let everyone change. I was very upset. 
So I bought a coffee. 
And felt better. 
Then I wandered off and took artistic photos of Falls Park on the Reedy
And the splendid suspension bridge that offers an unobstructed view of those falls. 
Then I saw a sign that made it all make sense (click to enlarge): 
Finally we returned to the house, and I went for a ride of my own, and encountered a snake. He was alive, but I feared he wouldn't stay that way for long. I wanted to get him off the road, but since he was also very large and black, I feared he would ATTACK ME IN THE THROAT! I'm no honey badger (what with their immunity to cobra venom), so I tried to get him to move by throwing gravel and yelling. 
And eventually, I successfully convinced the snake to slither off into the bushes. 


x said...

At first, I thought the title of your post was aimed at packing the wrong shoes. But after watching the videos of you yelling at a snake, I think the title must be referring to that event instead... (;

IAN! said...

THESE ARE THE TWO BEST VIDEOS EVER MADE!!! Mein sides hurt from the laughing. Sorry about the shoes, but the snake makes up for it.