Wednesday, October 5, 2011


  • When I was younger, I'd take every opportunity to fill my gullet to the brim with the nutritional abomination known as sugary, colorful breakfast cereal. Part of me (the morbid part), would love to see the volume of sugar I've consumed thus far in my life. I wonder how much? Enough to fill a kiddy pool? Certainly. Enough to fill the Boston aquarium? Maybe, and largely thanks to those cereals. We would tear through a sack of Malt-o-Meal Coco Roos like a pack of wild dogs tearing through a deer carcass, which was fitting because those sacks more closely resembled 50 lb bags of dog food than they did breakfast for children. I'd go over to my friend's houses and get busted eating Waffle Crisp out of a mixing bowl. Downing a whole box of Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs in an afternoon wasn't unheard of (hell, it wasn't even uncommon). I've eaten enough cereal for several lifetimes. Which is why I'm relieved that I no longer find those cereals appetizing. Don't get me wrong, if left with little choice, I'll still eat the occasional serving of Cap'n Crunch. But it's not the same. I get grossed out after two or three bowls. I mean bites -- I get grossed out after two or three bites. My tastes have changed. Now I even find the "lightly sweetened" GoLean Crisp a little too sweet. I've have had to start cutting my GoLean with raw millet to balance it out.
  • KEXP Finally came out with an Android App! JOYOUS DAY! Now I can stay tuned into the best radio station in the face of the planet from my phone. Thanks KEXP -- I'm thrilled to be back! 
  • I FIXED MY PANTS. I bought a sewing machine. I taught myself how to use it. I looked up videos online that demonstrated how to fix ripped jeans, and voila! Those nice Lucky 7's Alan gave me years ago with the ripped butt? BACK IN BUSINESS! Those corduroys with the blown crotch seam? LOOKING GREAT! Go me. 
  • Note: not my pants. Or my butt.

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Martin Criminale said...

Speaking of sugary cereal, I'm curious... now that you have been an athlete and a coach for some time, have you ever checked out the book, "The Paleo Diet for Athletes"? It's by Loren Cordain (who authored the Peleo Diet book) and Joe Friel (who is friends with Loren and after trying this diet on a dare never switched back and now recommends it to all his clients).

I'm trying it too and I'll spare you my beliefs here but I do recommend you check this book out and give it a read. If nothing else it's pretty educational.