Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wallet Time

As I mentioned last week, I recently had my wallet stolen while in Paris, France. This meant I had to replace the wallet itself, and its contents. First, I went to a store and purchased a new wallet. I'd maintained my previous one for nearly a decade, so the change has been jarring (my old one was a tri-fold, this one a bi-fold -- shocking, I know). Then I called my bank, my health insurance company, and went to the DMV. I found the time-frame which which the various companies or institutions reacted to my request for a replacement card somewhat ironic. My bank materialized a new debit card before I even finished saying the words "I lost my...." **Poof** It was there the next day in the mail -- lord knows how they did it (my guess: they borrowed those same gnomes who deliver Netflix). The insurance card showed up later in the week, and naturally, I'm still waiting on my drivers license. In light of the national unrest and anger aimed at the banking and health insurance industries, they did manage to deliver some rather speedy customer service. I doubt my bank would give me a loan if I asked for one, but heaven forbid I have to spend more than forty-eight hours without access to my precious money! I GOTTA BUY THINGS, RIGHT??! The government run DMV on the other hand has taken its sweet time getting me a new ID (although truth be told, they issued me a cardboard temporary license that, while garnering many suspicious looks from bouncers at bars, is ultimately valid). What really bums me out about losing my wallet is losing the irreplaceable items. I had seven punches on my Taco Del Mar punch card, those bastards!

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Mary Topping said...

It's the little things that count, especially when they have to do with food. Always enjoy your posts, Sam.