Saturday, October 22, 2011



First off, our roster is finalized, and has been released to the world. Read all about it at Peloton Magazine. I'd personally like to welcome good friend and former team mate Morgan Schmitt to the program. We were racing together WAY back in 2006 on the Broadmark Capitol Cycling Team. Morgan's been a pro ever since then, but he and I have stayed in touch, and I'm thrilled to see him on Exergy. Prepare for the best season of your life Mo'Chedda.

Next -- and this is huge -- today is my dad's birthday! Not just that, it's his 60th birthday! For those of you who are lucky to know Roy Johnson, make sure you wish him happy birthday. While I don't mention him much here on the blog, just trust me when I say I'd never have become a bicycle racer without his unwavering, unconditional support. Thanks daddy. Happy 60th birthday.
My renaissance-man of a father. 


veryrustybrown said...

Congrats on being a part of Team Exergy next year, and happy birthday to your Dad!

Mary Topping said...

Looking forward to seeing you race, Sam, and how wonderful the things you said about your dad. Happy Birthday to him, and happy day to you!