Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and the ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!!

Ok, first off --
The Good:

The team is in California for the Elite National Championships. We're staying in Laguna Beach, in a 75 year-old beauty of a house.
I swear to god, this place is straight out of an Anthropologie catalog.

You might want to click on this next one: Also, this is Doug the pug. It's his house. He's in charge -- any questions?

The bad:

I've been sucking at individual time trials lately. Normally my strength, now somehow the bane of my existence. I got absolutely slaughtered today -- the leader put something heinous like 6:30 into me. Last Sunday I did the state ITT championships and wow -- I thought it sucked getting passed by my 30 second man; that's nothing compared to getting passed by a guy starting 4 minutes back. Yeah. That happened. I don't know what's been going on -- things start off ok, I'm pacing things conservatively, and then 15 minutes in, BAM, I'm hardly able to go at all. I know I'm not totally slow because I've been going ok in road races (and I've got a doosey of a blog post cued up for last Saturday's race -- I'll tell you what!) If you want to see a powerfile, here ya go:
This graph is also representative of my speed, heart rate, self-respect and ability to attract females.



WE SWAM IN THE WAVES!!!!! I WALKED AROUND IN A SPEEDO (Please note: this particular beach was occupied mostly by homogeneous looking high school aged kids. I was one of perhaps five males on the entire beach who didn't have all of the following: a skim board, a perfect tan, a clean-shaven face, or shorts that border on being capris. I was the only male on the beach to lack all 4 of those things. Plus I was wearing a hat. This phenomenon [my presence] was enough to inspire total strangers to stare in disbelief, chuckle quietly from a distance, laugh loudly in my face, or take photographs of me -- while laughing loudly in my face). I DIDN'T GIVE A FUCK!!!! I HAD A BLAST!!!!!

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Unknown said...

I get the same grief on Atlantic beaches. I swim 1.25 mis. every week along the shore with a group. Swim 1.25 miles and walk back.

Once, as we passed, the Jesus surf camp director shouted to his charges over a bullhorn: "Banana hammock alert! Here they come."

A veteran schoolteacher in our group read him the riot act, but that didn't stop him. Another time I passed them solo and got the same treatment. I approached the idiot and told him it wasn't appropriate to ridicule people for what they are wearing and he denied saying anything.

None of this really bothers me any more. How many people are actually swimming in the ocean?