Saturday, June 26, 2010


Krogg extremely pleased. Krogg have great nacho experience, and would like to share with blog. Krogg have lots of time yesterday before criterium start, and have deep caveman hunger for nachos. So Krogg voyage to nearby grocery store, and purchase following items:

Then Krogg go in search of plate large enough to fit heaping pile of nachos. Eventually Krogg settle on giant baking dish. Krogg pile chips four inches high. Then Krogg pile on salsa, beans, and cheese. Then Krogg zap in microwave for five minutes, and presto! Behold! Caveman Nachos:

Krogg enjoy alongside tall glass of yogurt -- careful Krogg -- don't bite off own fingers now!

Then Krogg build AWESOME lego submarine with host house child. This extremely fun! Please inspect Lego submarine for awesomeness:

Lego sub have multiple awesome propellors:
Also, Lego sub have detachable escape pod for captain! AWESOME: 

This by far best part of Krogg's day. In fact, Krogg have so much fun, him slightly tempted to join AFOL, and attend this year's BrickCon. Enjoy AFOL documentary:

AFOL A Blocumentary from AFOL on Vimeo.

Then Krogg race national championships in criterium. Things no go so well. In fact, Krogg spend so much time at back of race, Krogg build small fan club. Enthusiastic fans scream "go number 38!!" repeatedly at Krogg (every lap for 62 laps). To further add insult to, well, insult, Krogg encounter small contingent of fan club on ride next day. While pre-riding road race course, Krogg hear "go number 38! Nice crit yesterday!" from complete strangers. Krogg pretty sure this first time caveman get heckled by total strangers in public. Krogg feel like lousy stand up comedian. Fortunately, Krogg slightly more confident in his abilities tomorrow. Perhaps Krogg can silence cruel heckler critics.
(P.S. Thanks Amara)

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andrew said...

I loved turn 3.