Saturday, June 19, 2010

Krogg Think Too Hard

Krogg race crit tonight. Things don't go so good at first -- rain cancel 3's race, and racecourse wet for first 10 laps. This no good for Krogg. Krogg rather scared when taking corners, and cling to back of race like frightened cave-sloth baby cling to mother's belly. Several crashes convince Krogg this not the best idea, but Krogg somewhat powerless to do otherwise. Nonetheless, Krogg finish criterium, and lose no more time on race leader. In fact, race leader even more scared of wet corners than Krogg, and him fall off back of race and not finish with pack. Somehow, Krogg race terrible crit, yet still manage to move up spot in GC. Now Krogg perched a mere 4 seconds out of lead. Yikes.

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Richard McClung said...

Have lemons...make lemonade?