Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Moped Update:
IT LIVES!!! So this moped I bought has ended up teaching me a great deal about how to fix a small gasoline engine. First I had to install new spark plugs. Then I had to remove, disassemble and then clean the carburetor. Finally I had to partially disassemble and clean the clutch. Fortunately for me, these all happen to be very simple components on this model of moped, so the operations were successful. My moped can now carry me along flat ground at nearly 25 miles per hour. It still can't go up hills much faster than 5 mph, and sometimes it dies and I have to push it, but what vast improvement! Prior to this, I had no real idea what a carburetor or a clutch did, nor how they worked, so regardless of how far this thing actually carries me (i.e. Aspen?), I feel like I'm getting my money's worth in engine lessons.

Road Rash Update:
Things are healing very well. So far no signs of infection. I've gone bandage free on my right side (except for my ankle) for nearly 24 hours. The more recent scrape on my left hip is down to a single large adhesive bandage, and no longer oozes onto my underwear (if that was too much information, you shouldn't be reading my blog).

Sickness Update:
Apparently my body was ready for some serious rest. Monday was excruciating. I haven't been so hammered physically since I was on the Magic School Bus, which is saying a lot. (For those who don't remember, I went cruising for a gastrointestinal bruising while in Mexcio. And sure enough, I found one.) Yesterday I still felt totally wiped out, but today I finally had some energy. I walked to breakfast, and ate like I was hungry. I still have awful symptoms (lots of hacking, plenty of snot, etc -- the only good side being the slightly deeper voice), but at least I feel good. Tomorrow? Better still I hope.

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