Friday, August 27, 2010

How's THIS For a Resume?

It's that time of year -- the time when all the cyclists try to make themselves look as impressive as possible, scouring the calendar for anything worthy of adding to a list of results -- that's right it's RESUME TIME!

Fortunately for me, I'm not short in the results department. Check it out!


andrew said...

You should also mention:

1. Not a prick
2. Congenial with supporters at a race
3. Liked by host families
4. Well spoken and eager to perform PR activities on behalf of the team

From what I've heard - these can be differentiators in getting a PRO ride these days.

Martin Criminale said...

You could also say you are much more outgoing than your picture might imply. :|

Bob Cesca said...

What's the idea behind "racing age?"

IAN said...

but there is a typo re: 2009 Volunteer park crit (spelled "ctir").
Otherwise impressive.