Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Krogg thrilled! Tour of Utah race much better after today. If you followed Krogg at Redlands or Joe Martin or Cascade Classic, you know that Krogg spent much energy trying (and failing) to get in big breakway. Often Krogg close, but no cigar.  Well this time Krogg happy to announce Krogg actually manage to get in day's big breakaway! And I quote:

"A lead group formed on the descent that included Krasilnkay, Dowsett, King, Gaimon, Franttini, Thomson, Tanner, Jacques-Maynes, Rob Britton (Bissell), Tyler Wren (Jamis-Sutter Home), Sam Johnson (Hagens Berman), Chris Baldwin (UnitedHealthcare-Maxxis), Caleb Fairly (Holowesko Partners), Valery Kobzarenko (Team Type 1) and Ian Holt (Team Rio Grande)." 

You see that?  Shit yeah -- that from a little website called CYCLINGNEWS. See Krogg name in there? Read it careful. Carefuler. SEE IT? YEAH! The fruit of Krogg labor! Talk about a sweet reward! Krogg's NAME on a WEBSITE!

Krogg slightly disappointed Cyclingnews fail to mention Krogg spend 8 miles of race off front of race SOLO, as well as totally win sprint for points out in middle of nowhere. Whatever. Even though Krogg suffer greatly on last climb (and lose 16 minutes), and even though Krogg want to vomit all the way up Big Mountain (and all the way up Little Mountain, and all the way down Emigration Canyon, and all the way to finish line), and even though Krogg only get name in there once, KROGG HAPPY. BIG BREAKAWAY! KROGG STICK BIG BREAKAWAY!!

Thanks Harvey. You good power animal for day.


Lindsay said...

I think you're also in the VeloNews recap:

But he doesn't mention your first name for some reason. I guess that's the price of the hasty get-it-on-the-web-quick write up.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm....let see Krogg data from stage on Garmin Connect!

Gliderbison said...

Oh dear -- I'd just finished loaning my Garmin Connect to my teammate Lang so he could use it to compete in the Strava competition for the Kenda Pro Cycling Team. I didn't think to charge it, and turned it on and found it had only 2% battery. I have data from today that I'll share however.