Thursday, August 5, 2010


This post about state time trial, but also about facial hair.

So to start things off with, Krogg carpool down to race with Ian Mensher. Ian very strong racer, and him chasing all sorts of BARR points. On way to race, Krogg learn that Ian McKissick NOT going to attend! YAY!! Race wide-open! Krogg have good chances, even though Krogg riding borrowed bike. Krogg's TT bike already in Utah so bike can adjust to altitude -- this lesser known fact about cycling: bike take longer to adjust to low oxygen at high altitude than racer. This true, look it up.

Anyway, Krogg race on borrowed bike and slow rear wheel (32-spoke Mavic Open Pro -- bleh!), but Krogg pace effort well, and have pretty good ride regardless. Then Krogg see results, and find that HOLY SMOKES, IAN MENSHER, KROGG'S CARPOOL BUDDY FASTEST RACER OF DAY! Ian beat Krogg by four seconds. Did Krogg mention him ride borrowed bike and non-aero wheel? Anyway, this very good race for Ian. For a while, Krogg consider making Ian honorary caveman, in celebration and recognition of his effort, but then Krogg realize no, Ian Mensher resemble greek god too much to pass for caveman (blond curls? square chin? chiseled jaw? Whatever Adonis). Sorry Ian, Krogg can't make you honorary caveman, so honorary greek god will have to do. Third place rider Mike Hone -- NICE WORK HONE! Hone also caravan to race with Krogg and Ian, so entire podium started and finished the day at Krogg's house. What lucky house!

Here photo of podium:

Next Krogg decide to clean up. Krogg understand that scruffy beard no good for sponsors -- or at least this what Krogg hear repeatedly, over and over and over and over again over last five years as racer. So Krogg clean up. Some: 

That right! Krogg now "rocking" most bro-tastic mustache in long and splendid history of bro-tastic mustaches. Brah. Brah brah brah. 

Then Krogg hear newsflash about Levi Leipheimer! 

Holy flying cave bear, not again! Leipmeimer and Krogg face off on more than one occasion. Every time, Krogg not exactly victorious. In fact, Krogg can't think of single instance where Krogg place ahead of Levi in any race ever. This announcement come shortly after OTHER big announcement regarding Leipheimer: 

Krogg only wish he surprised by this announcement. Well Levi, it's been fun. Krogg looking forward to racing against you (and Big George) at Tour of Utah; however, Krogg also hope this last time (at least for a while) you are allowed in the same race as Krogg. 

However, Levi's presence at Tour of Utah convince Krogg to fully clean up. See? 


Cyrus said...

Cyrus miss Krogg's scruffy facial hair.

Gliderbison said...

Cyrus! Krogg pine for days when we can be facial hair brothers! Soon Cyrus! Soon!

Adonis said...

I was going to point out that you should never enter a TT against anyone named Ian and expect to win, but I think you have a point about the disc.

Sweet sweet victory for Adonis!


Ryan D said...

What kind of recovery drink is Hone sporting? Is that Hammer's new 'restorative mead'? It's medicinal you know...

Unknown said...

Crush em in Utah!

Cosmic Collider (multisport collider) said...

I missed this post back in the day! Nice podium car! Geez, Sam brings two other ringers with him. You 3 were awesome! Ian's riding with us for Ski to Sea, since caveman won't be there. Bad Krogg!