Sunday, December 5, 2010

GliderBison Giveaway!

Alright blog fans, this week's giveaway is possible thanks to my good friends at Garmin -- thanks to your amazing, easy to set-up Garmin Edge 500, which uses friggin' satellites to tell me how fast I'm going, I no longer need a magnet-and-sensor-based cycling computer!

So, I'm giving it away!

That's right, get yourself a Cateye Vectra wireless cycling computer. This is a great unit -- it's simple, but has all the speed-based functions: current speed, max speed, distance, etc. It's also extremely easy to set up -- just attach the sensor to your fork (with some extra zip ties I'm including), attach the magnet to your spoke, and then attach the head unit to your stem. It's currently set up for a 25c tire, but it can easily be reprogrammed for any wheel-size. It is used, but hardly -- it's batteries should be good for years. If you've ever been curious how fast you're going on  your bike, here's your chance to know for free (without making your dad drive behind you in his car).

Rules for entry are the same as always: to enter, just comment on this blog post (one entry per person please). I'll determine a winner using a random number generator.

Good luck!


Jamie Sparling said...

bumble bee tuna!

edowapparel said...
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edowapparel said...

This'll be my 3rd year racing, and it's (hopefully) finally time for a bike computer :)

Anonymous said...

bee smashed with a pie
new laptop with full keyboard
good week to be krogg


Spencer said...

Last century ride with Luke, my computer gave me weird readings. I would like to trust it so I do not get lost when riding around Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve.

June said...

next time you're in MN I recommend eating the cottage cheese with fruit instead, have a nice off-season!

Anonymous said...

please pick me random number generator!


Anonymous said...

My dad's car got stolen... so, I will take a fancy new (to me) computer.

Nathan S.

Unknown said...

I went too fast for my Garmin at Elkhorn, it spontaneously combusted into a hundred little bits on the road

Nick L.

Anonymous said...

Must have computer

Yes I love technology
But not as much as you, you see
But I still love technology