Monday, December 20, 2010

Glory Be Praised -- A Real Ride!

Thank the heavens above -- the roads have cleared, and bike riding is back on the menu! Check how beautiful New Mexico!

Killer ride I tell you! KILLER!
Then, to finish, I stopped at Santa Fe Baking Company, and ate THIS:
To some of you that might look like a brick covered in blood and dinosaur boogers, but to a true-blooded New Mexican, there's no more appetizing sight: a breakfast burrito (with bacon) smothered "Christmas" style. HALLELUJAH!!!

Thanks to my Garmin Edge 800, I didn't get lost once (ok -- I did take a wrong turn at one point -- but it's not the same thing). I rode through the little towns of Lamy, Galisteo, Los Cerrillos, and Madrid (pronounced MAA-drid). Check out my little loop:


Steve Fisher said...

Holy shit, you rode 104miles! I rode like 30 and ate a waffle midway through. You should consider being a cross racer.

Gliderbison said...

No no no that ride was only seventy miles. There was thirty miles of trainer riding on there before I started from when I was trapped by the snow.

Richard McClung said...

Que lindo el pais

nikos said...

Christmas style burrito: nice! As a New Mex ex-pat, I sure miss good New Mexican food--and the New Mexican sky.