Saturday, October 22, 2011

Life and Death

Ahhh Halloween. There is no time of year that more effectively makes me ponder the meaning of life....than zombie season. Something about watching a shotgun wielding hero brutally dismember of legions of the undead really makes me appreciate all small stuff -- my morning coffee, a sunrise, or not having evil demons posses my friends and family members for instance. Here's what I've been doing to get my zombie fix of late:

Walking Dead. This TV series is a very contemporary take on zombies and the problems they create. While sure, the story is set in a zombie infested wasteland, the zombies themselves are much less prominent than the characters and their drama. Less gore, more grappling with the psychological hardships of scrambling for survival in a dangerous place.

Contemplating attending the Zombie Pub Crawl. LivingSocial does these organized activities, where you sign up to partake in a cool experience. Imagine invading a bar dressed as a zombie (and with an army of the undead at your back), and taking to the dance floor for a night of shaking booty -- corpse style! Corny? Yes. Fun? Hell yes.

Going to Evil Dead the Musical. If you ever watched the glorious, gory-ious B-movie trilogy of Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, and Army of Darkness, then you'd absolutely love the stage adaptation. First off (and best off), it's a musical. Second, it absolutely nails the campy, B-movie flair that made the movies so popular. Boise Weekly wrote a great review of the production, so I won't bother doing the same. I don't recall ever seeing a stage production whereat a shit-eating grin was so thoroughly plastered across my face the entire time. Thanks Daisy's Madhouse -- you nailed it.

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