Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New News is News!

I kick ass at the internet. I visit all the coolest pages, click on all the best links, see all the funniest cat videos, and sift through all the headiest forums and discussion boards -- all while avoiding the pitfalls of viruses, scams, and smut that plague lesser internet users. I vainly fancy myself a jedi night of the web, but there is a lot of it out there, and sometimes good web pages go un-viewed. In this post, I want to share a few cycling-based websites that are new to me. I'll let Krogg explain what's cool about these sites:

Krogg discover CycleDirt on Twitter. Krogg not good cyclecross racer, but cyclecross still hold place in Krogg heart. CycleDirt all about cyclrcross, and mostly focus on USA. CycleDirt make giant fantasy rankings of cyclecross to see WHO NUMBER 1! Krogg love fantasy rankings because Krogg easily insert self: one time krogg beat Ryan Trombone in time trial (Ryan no have aero equipment, but that irrelevant), and Ryan kick ass in rankings -- THEREFORE Krogg could be at least second in rankings if Krogg wanted. Krogg love CycleDirt because of funny videos and because Logan Owen and Steve Fisher get props -- THOSE CAVEMEN DESERVE PROPS! 

Cyclismas website blend kind of like coffee blend, or house red wine -- Krogg have no idea where it's from, but Krogg like. Part news, part commentary, part humor. Krogg enjoy recent story about Lance at recent XTerra race  -- here quote: 

Armstrong’s 23rd place overshadowed a phenomenal performance by Austrian Michael Weiss, who was the actual winner of the event. The jublilant Austrian’s press conference, however, was interrupted by Armstrong’s bellows of comeback 3.0 at the back of the room, swaying the press corps’ attention away from the victor.
“After a few seconds of deliberation, it is my intention to return to the sport of professional cycling. I have already spoken with my mentor, Johan Bruyneel, who is welcoming me with open arms to his new team that was to be led by the Schleck Brothers. I look forward to potentially helping, or inspiring, or torpedoing, their efforts to win a Tour, depending on whatever I feel like doing at the time,” declared a stubborn Armstrong.

See? It funny because Lance already come out of retirement once! Krogg realize that Cyclimas pretty much only funny to people who already read WAY too much about cycling in first palce, but if you one of those people -- enjoy! 


Nancy said...

As someone who reads way too much about cycling already, I think I am going to love 'Cyclismas'. Thanks for the heads up and for the ongoing entertainment of your blog.

Dylan said...

Soooo wait.....lance is coming back?

Mary Topping said...

Hi Sam - I have just discovered cyclo-cross. Saw New Belgium Cup in Fort Collins, and this weekend to CO Cross Classic in Boulder. It would be great to see you race cross -- who is taller, you or Trebon?

Gliderbison said...

Ryan makes me look tiny!

IAN! said...

Yo, Internet ninja,

Your friggin link to the cyclodirt is all wrong. I hate this. Why does it do that?

Yours truly,