Saturday, October 8, 2011

Music and Math

This morning shall be devoted to music and math. First, the music. I've been to two concerts this week (which might be my lifetime record for most concerts attended in one week). Oddly enough, at both of those concerts, I liked the opening bands far more than the headliners. On Tuesday I saw the Velvet Teen, a blast from my past (more to come on that):

And last night, I got my little mind micro-blown by this Edmonton duo called The Purity Ring (this isn't an official video, but it's disturbingly sweet):

Now then, on to the math.
I'd like to point you to this particularly well written article about the largest numbers in existence. By "in existence" the article's author  is referring to the largest number we (meaning mathematicians) can actually use for something. It's a fun little adventure of the mind, and if you're not used to stretching your brain with theoretical numbers, you'll be astounded how quickly the limits of your comprehension are reached. Also, if you liked that article, I'd also suggest reading the companion piece about infinity -- did you know that not all infinities are created equal? That some are larger than others? I don't get it either, but I had fun trying.


andegenehilljohnsonhall said...

Somehow the "sweet" eluded me.

Anonymous said...

Awesome brain hurt.

Adam said...

So, it irks me that they don't put units on the physical quantities. For instance, The density of the universe can change quite drastically depending on the unit you use (g/cm^3 vs Mg/parsec^3).

Also, if you're interested, Daniel V. Schroeder has a brief but extremely accessible discussion of "Very Large Numbers" from his book Thermal Physics

Mary Topping said...

You continue to astound.

IAN! said...

I agree on the lack of "sweetness" in the video of the girl having an eye cut out and turned into a killer. Each to his or her own, I suppose.