Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dear Ada County Highway Department

Dear Ada County Highway Department,

I am writing to express my thanks for the good work you do in keeping the roads and highways that surround Boise in such good condition. Believe it or not, Boise is home to a professional bicycle racing team called Team Exergy. While our racing calendar takes all around the country and the globe, several members of the team, myself included, live and train in Boise all year round. I ride my bike on the roads that surround Boise every day -- not just for fun, but for a living. While there are plenty of exceptions, most of Ada county's highways have a generous shoulder and are kept relatively clean and free of debris. Thank you, and please continue to keep cyclists in mind when you sweep the roads.

I'd also like to share my appreciation of some of the new road projects you've recently completed. You recently resurfaced Pierce Park road and Dry Creek road, both of which can be connected to other roads for some really cool new road rides. Also, today I was delighted to discover the pavement extension you added to Willow Creek road -- are there plans of extending the pavement all the way to Highway 16? My teammates and I would certainly be in favor of that!

Thanks again for making Boise such a great place to ride road bikes, and follow Team Exergy's upcoming season at


Sam Johnson


veryrustybrown said...

Great post - did you put that in the local paper, too?

Gliderbison said...

No, I just sent it to the ACHD through their comments section of their website.