Saturday, August 9, 2008

Doug the Pug Update

Doug's doing ok. His worry meter has been awfully close to the red these past few days (what with all these strange, tall, shave-legged men roaming his house), but he's handling the pressure well.

Things that stress Doug out:
  • Doug loves to beg for food while we're eating. However, we have been instructed not to feed Doug. Getting denied while begging stresses Doug out.
  • Doug is a short dog, so his line of sight is limited by many things, including (but not limited to): furniture, stairs, piles of laundry, Hank (the other dog), and the wall that wraps around the patio. Doug is also territorial, defensive, and quite imaginative. Whenever someone is working on their bike down in the driveway [directly below the patio], Doug often mistakes the sounds of cassettes and chains for evil robbers sharpening their knives who will no doubt scale the patio wall and murder everyone inside the house (starting of course with a certain overweight pug). Hearing noises he can't see the source of stresses Doug out.
  • Doug has awful eyesight, especially at night. If he sees movement, but it's too dark to identify the mover, Doug seems to have a strict bark-first-and-ask-questions-later policy. At various times, every one of us has scared the crap out of Doug by approaching him in the dark. Seeing things that move in the dark stresses Doug out.

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Honey said...

Poor little pug.

Someone should warn Doug about nervousness and ulcers.