Wednesday, June 3, 2009



Krogg find technology pretty amazing.

Here: look at this airplanes mating!

Krogg try new search engine called Bing. Bing is like google, but it is from Microsoft and have pretty pictures too! Krogg want to ask Bing this question: how many teeth does a dog have? --but as Krogg finish typing first word ("how") Bing try to predict Krogg's question, and offer this question instead: "how do you kill a snakehead fish." What the fuck Bing?? HOW DID YOU KNOW???? Krogg amazed! Krogg DO want to know how to kill snakehead fish! Thank you Bing for providing me with new question to ask. However, Bing then proceed to totally dumbfound Krogg with lack of real answer....Bing turn this as top result -- article that doesn't say jack shit about how to kill snakehead fish. Bing -- why you ask questions (for me) you have no good answer for!

Then Krogg ask questions of Wolfram Alpha
. Wolfram Alpha is like google, but it thinks it smarter than caveman -- let Krogg tell you -- IT IS NOT. Wolfram Alpha couldn't answer this question: "how many spears does it take to kill mastadon?" {answer: trick question! spears can't kill mastadon! only boulders or cliffs kill mastadon!} Also, Wolfram Alpha failed to answer this question: "how many cavemen does dead mastadon feed?" {answer: all of them!} Stupid Wolfram Alpha!!

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