Saturday, June 13, 2009

Krogg Review New Dura-Ace 7900

So Krogg smash bike into little bits on Thursday. Actually that slight exaggeration -- Krogg smash only his handlebars and shifters and pedals and shoes -- the rest of bike ok. However, Krogg unwilling to race bike with broken handlebars, so Krogg mope over to Shimano Neutral Support, 

and them very kindly offer Krogg this: 
Krogg pretty psyched, mainly because if Krogg smash this one, Krogg don't have to buy replacement parts! New bike look very pretty. See? 

At first Krogg worried he get in trouble for taking such fancy neutral bike because it say "Pro" on handlebars, and Krogg not actually pro. Then Krogg remember that english language pretty flexible system, and under expanded definition, sure, why not? Krogg plenty pro! Pro enough to pedal Shimano Neutral bike -- that's for damn sure!

Krogg try out new Dura-Ace 7900. It pretty sweet, but honestly, works like most other new fancy bike parts: very well. 
Krogg find that everything covered with words Dura-Ace. 
Nice mechanics equip Krogg with 11-26 cassette for tomorrow's crit -- Krogg have to climb 18% hill like twenty fucking times! Kick me in the woolly rhino groin! Krogg don't think magic cassette will help, but sure won't hurt! 

Fortunately, Krogg able to return borrowed bike without so much as scratch. Thank you Shimano. Krogg bought you 12 pack of beer to say thank you!!!

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