Saturday, June 20, 2009

TOAD Stages 1,and 2.

Stage one of the TOAD was staged out of Blue Mound state park. It was beautiful, hilly, and hard, hard, hard. Here's a shot of the sweet finishing chute.

Naturally the race is slathered in dairy product promotions...
I got popped within the first 20 miles (swung the axe straight out of my hands....dammit Krogg!) My teammates Nick and Lang finished inside the top ten however! An awesome start to our race! Racing through Wisconsin's countryside on an overcast day.

The winner of the stage has to chug a glass of chocolate milk. Prizes were dished out by this bizarre prize troll.

Stage two was in Waterloo. Home of the great Trek bike factory.

Wisconsin traffic jam:
Lance is Loved in many ways out here:
Evidence of Wisconsin's dairy-rich history.
Naturally cheese tasting is available for the VIP's during the races.
My knees are still bothering me. Bottom scab: doing fine. Top scab: lookin' pretty puffy, itchy, and infected. Plus my tendons still hurt, and my range of motion sucks.
The final half hour of the crit was wet. Thankfully I'd been blown out the back of the race by then!
Strange exoskeleton bike I saw in the parking lot. I'm not sure if I'd trust one of these to carry me without exploding into a pile of carbon fiber toothpicks, but it sure looks cool, no?

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