Monday, June 29, 2009

New Blogs on the Horizon!

I'm happy to announce two new additions to the blogosphere:

Good Sensations

My teammate Adrian Hegyvary has once again picked up the metaphorical pen, and started a new blog. Adrian is no stranger to blog writing, and his posts never fail to entertain. To quote Adrian:
In no particular order: I do bicycles. I do law school. I do coaching. I do yoga. I do hula hoops. I do sunshine.

Adrian makes no attempt to hide the purpose of this blog: PRO TEAM OR BUST! Folks, if there has EVER been a man who has shown he deserves a spot on a professional cycling team, it's Adrian. Adrian has been on fire all season long, and we're barely two thirds done. Follow along -- it should be a satisfying story with a happy ending.

Eli in the Dominican Republic

My former housemate Eli Asch is taking an exciting trip to the Dominican Republic. Eli is enrolled in the Sports MBA program at San Diego State. He and the rest of his classmates will be going to the DR for ten days to do a bunch of cool things that include the following words: micro-credit, baseball, publicity stunt, free vacation, beautiful beaches, streaking. [note: I added the last few]. Enjoy!


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