Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Krogg's Three Lessons For A Wednesday

Lesson ONE: Krogg think you should listen to this song. It on radio other day in Seattle, and Krogg want to test if he can make song play in blog.

The Field - Everybody';s Got To Learn Sometime

Found at bee mp3 search engine

Lesson TWO: Krogg think this very very bad idea:
No, this laser won't be able to mow down wayward motorists who don't give you way on the road, but instead it will shoot an elliptical beam around your bicycle, making you look larger than it really is, practically to the size of an average car. This is made possible by drawing an ellipse of light which is sensitive to virtually anything that crosses the perimeter - for example, when a car comes too close for comfort, the light will turn red while letting all the horns go off until the car backs off. The whole setup comprises of a quartet of adaptable pieces which can be connected via an auto adhesive tape, and they are a plastic case, a laser light, a distance sensor and a spherical head to adjust the light, three horns and a battery.
What better to calm down nervous cyclist than three blaring horns and flashing lasers?

Lesson THREE: Krogg happy to announce he travel to Minnesota ok, and ready to start big big Nature Valley Grand Prix. Krogg happy because many other racers from Seattle make trek to Minnesota to keep Krogg company. Oh boy! Read here about past years' Nature Valley's (hint: scroll down).

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Anonymous said...

The music plays! A perfect morning song. Thanks. :-)