Saturday, May 8, 2010

110 Miles is a Really Long Way

Things I remember thinking during yesterday's stage of the JMSR: 

"This cloud coverage is nice. I'm glad it's not hotter. I'm putting on sun screen just in case the sun comes out." 

"Boy I hope it doesn't rain on us; those clouds look pretty threatening. I'm giving my vest and arm warmers to Joe just in case it starts pouring." 

"Here we go; I hope I brought enough food."

"Wow, people are getting flat tires left and right. I'd better not ride in the center lane or in the gutters any more."

"Jeeze, we've already covered 20 miles? We're flying!" 

"It's easy here at the back of the race." 

"Uh-oh, could be a cross wind section up ahead. I'd better move up." 

"Now that I'm up here, maybe I'll put in an attack!"

"Or maybe not..."

"It's easy here at the back of the race."

"Ok, we've been racing for an hour and a half. Some of those guys who've been attacking since the gun have got to be getting tired by now. I know there's a hill coming up at mile 45. I'll attack there."

"OUCH -- maybe I'll just follow wheels up this climb instead."

"CHRIST ALMIGHTY -- THESE GUYS ARE GOING BERSERK! I think the field is splitting behind me."

"Wow, I made the field split. Good for me. Should I mix it up with these attacks? My legs feel like total crap, but it seems like a good time to be aggressive." 

"Shit. I missed the counter-move and now the guys I'm with are sitting up. We're going to get caught by the field!"

"Ok, now I'm in in the field again."

"It's easy here at the back of the race." 

"Wow, we still have 30 miles to go. My back hurts."

"Wow, we still have 29 miles to go. My neck hurts."

"Wow, we still have 28 miles to go. I need to stop looking at my computer. And my eyes hurt."

"Alright, the race is winding down. We've gone 100 miles. Time to start thinking about that sprint. It's not worth spending too much energy jockeying for that corner on such a wide road. I'll move up right before the corner."

"Oh jeeze. Here it comes. Time to move up. Maybe I can lead Soren out."

"Soren, get on my wheel! Is he on? Good! Time to punch it!"

"Sprinting! Sprinting! Ouch! Ouch! That finish line is pretty" 

"Finally, I'm done. Didn't lose any time, didn't crash, didn't flat, didn't spend too much energy. Not a bad day. I wonder who won?" 

"Lang, can you hand me a coke?" 

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Bob Cesca said...

For the last couple of weeks, whenever I'm fighting a big head wind or I'm hurting on a climb, I find myself repeating: KROGG NOT KILLING IT. I want a t-shirt with that on it.