Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Interesting Facts About Fayetteville, Arkansas

Did you know that Fayetteville is former home to Ronnie Brewer of the Utah Jazz? Hell no you didn't! What about the fact that Fayetteville boasts TWO public transit utilities (UARK Transit and Ozark Regional Transit!)?? DID YOU KNOW THAT??? I DOUBT IT!!!! FAYETTEVILLE WAS RANKED NUMBER 7 IN "BEST CITIES TO WORK, PLAY, AND LIVE" BY KIPLINGER'S MAGAZINE IN 2008 FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!!

What you also may not know is that Fayetteville is home to the Joe Martin Stage Race -- and it's where I'm headed right now. I write these words from the Sea-Tac international airport, and I'm about to board my Southwest "tour of the Southwest" express, which takes us from Seattle to Albuquerque to Dallas to Tulsa. Then we're going to rent some tiny tiny cars and drive up to Fayetteville -- Yippy! I've never been to Arkansas, let alone Fayetteville, so this is a real treat. BECOME A BIKE RACER, SEE THE WORLD (or at least a few new states in the US).

See how charming and southern-quaint this place is? See how that stalled-out high-rise looks so out of place compared to those adorable mom-and-pop shops? Fayetteville, I think we're going to get along just fine.

Now then, the race goes like this:

Stage 1: short uphill tt
Stage 2: long hard road race
Stage 3: long hard circuit race race
Stage 4: 60 minute crit

See? Easy! Like cake!

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