Friday, May 28, 2010

Who's the BOSS????

Who's the BOSS? I'm now the BOSS (or at least part of the BOSS). That's right, the BOSS Construction Ski-to-Sea team is going to do some serious damage this weekend. Do any of you realize how friggin' good my ski-to-sea team is? I didn't think so. Let's just put it this way:

Steve Fisher just put aerobars on his mountain bike. He is going to crush.

Ivan Babikov just got back from Vancouver. Where he competed. In the Olympics. I'm not saying there couldn't be a faster skier out there on Sunday, but since there are only four to choose from, it's not likely.

Spencer Walsh is busy polishing his new Whidby Island Marathon Overall Winner trophy.

Max Taam can climb to the top of a mountain in the snow, and then ski down that mountain, in about the same amount of time it takes you to squeeze into ski boots.

Eric Moll knows what he's doing here: he was the fastest kayaker at Ski-to-Sea in 2009.

When Bill Torongo and Steven Corlew paddle a canoe, they have to use the paddle equivalent of a 56-tooth chain ring.

And me. I have to make sure I pull my own weight on this team -- but it's a good thing I'm heavy: 45-mile downhill time trial? I can do downhill.

Last but not least, our fearless leader Tony Velasco. Tony is kind of like a mafia don: he can "make things happen," in a hurry if necessary. Never cross Tony.

Check out the team's website. Also -- all you other Ski-to-Sea teams -- you can consider this official "shit talk."


Martin Criminale said...

Jesus... this event really has turned into the World Championships. When athletes get flown in, you know it's big time.

Hope you crush all. And try to have fun too.

Oh yeah, for a net elevation loss there are a lot of climbs on that TT course. :)

Anonymous said...

Martin is delusional! There is a lot of climbing; don't forget the "other" Boss Construciton team!

Mafia Don said...

We are the Boss:

Boss Construction Open, 1st overall, 1st in Competitive Open Division.

Boss Construction Masters, 3rd overall, 1st in Masters (over 40yrs old) Division.

Boss Construction 4 Western Football, 10th overall, 7th in Competitive Open Division, this with 3 nearly last minute replacements for injured teammates! Amazing job. Next year?

FASTER!!! Yep, we are going to be locked and ready to go faster next year!