Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Krogg's Eye View: Wenatchee Omnium

Krogg race Wenatchee stage race. Krogg give you quick rundown:

Krogg race 9-mile time trial with wheel that go CLANK CLANK CLANK in every gear except 11-cog. This mean Krogg stay in 11-cog whole race, but Krogg pretty much do that anyway. Krogg take 3rd place, behind tiny climber Morgan Schmitt and man from planet Krypton Ian McKissick. Ian crush time trial by unholy 54 seconds ahead of second place.

Krogg race 50 minute twilight criterium, and spend most of race at back of pack. "This race probably come down to field sprint," Krogg think, "I sit back here and rest, and then go sprint at end." Things all going to plan until Krogg hear announcer mention names of members of small breakaway: Sparling, McKissick, Schmitt. This bad news. Krogg have good teammates who chase breakaway and keep breakaway in check, then Krogg jump across gap nice and clean. Other GC contenders think they can have private party off front of race without inviting Krogg. This not the case. Krogg crash private party, and take 4th in sprint (unfortunately move to 4th in GC too).

Then on Sunday Krogg race 70 mile circuit race with four laps over 6-mile climb. First lap pretty boring: breakaway go, Krogg save energy, nobody really attacks hard over climb. Second lap, third lap, and fourth lap all go pretty much the same: Ian McKissick blow Krogg's mind with how fast he goes uphill, Krogg get DROPPED like hot rock over climb, then Krogg chase on downhill like really heavy hot rock loaded into runaway railroad car with rocket boosters on greased tracks flying down Mt. Everest, and finally Krogg catch back on to whatever group was left in Ian's wake. Krogg somehow manage to squeak out third place on stage, and hang on to fourth place in GC, but Jiminy Christmas -- Krogg do this by skin of his caveman teeth!


RJ said...

Well, THAT'LL teach ya' to keep a cable adjuster near the handlebars!

Perhaps a Parrot said...

It wasn't that. It was a worn-out cassette and a new chain.