Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Michelob Ultra Grand Prix

So today Krogg race the Michelob Ultra Grand Prix. This relatively short race of 48 miles -- under two hours of racing. Krogg think to himself "Krogg, this short race -- you can swing axe pretty darn hard and still hang on for two hours." So Krogg swing axe. Krogg swing axe very hard first lap. Krogg swing axe very hard second lap. At end of second lap, Krogg and two other riders (Ian and Ian) with Krogg, but nobody else. Krogg work with Ian brothers for next several laps, feeling very grateful that both Ian's are willing to work in breakaway, instead of sitting on like dead weight. Krogg feel pretty tired for most of race due to excessive swinging of axe during first few laps, and Krogg hurt mightily on punchy rollers every lap, but finally, last lap come. Krogg unable to drop breakaway companions, and end up having to sprint for finish. This not exactly Krogg's forte, but Krogg do good job, and win sprint against Ian brothers! Sweet! Then Krogg have podium on top of beer boxes:

Then Ian brother spray Krogg with Michelob Ultra. So Krogg retaliate: 

Krogg happy caveman, even though him covered from head to toe in Lance's favorite beer. 


Eli said...

Correction: "Krogg happy caveman, BECAUSE him covered from head to toe in Lance's favorite beer.

Also, if life were more like NBA Jam (if only . . .), after these last two weekends, you would be heating up.

EazyE said...
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EazyE said...

That was the best leadout you'll probably ever get. Ian's brain not working! Chengkui.