Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back. And Other Things Too.

So I survived the crazy crash-marred final stage of Joe Martin. Some of my friends were not so lucky (heal up fast Adrian). I was fortunate enough to stay upright, although I did get gapped off by one of the dozens of crashes, and was unable to chase back on. I got pulled from the race with 5 laps to go, and was awarded an unbelievably harsh 7:01 minute penalty. Seeing how the officials applied the rules throughout the rest of the race (as in poorly, and with little to no consistency: e.g. removing the time cut for the TT, penalizing the race leader a minute for drafting after his fucking fork broke), this doesn't surprise me. I have another post in the works, one that I wrote within minutes of finishing this hellish race, before the strange brew of endorphins had cleared my system. It's not finished though, so I'll leave you with what I spent part of my day doing:

Sun, water, soil -- meet beans, peas, leeks and lettuce. Tomatoes are soon to join you.

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