Sunday, August 1, 2010

State TT

Today is the state time trial championships in Tenino, Washington. There are only two things you need to know about Teninio: it's really far from Seattle. I forget the other one, but let's just focus on the first one, shall we? Tenino is far enough that it really begs the question: why go? Why should one drag him or herself halfway to california just race a 40k TT against someone who is almost certainly faster? This is an interesting race, and everyone shows up for different reasons. Many of the attendees are chasing BARR points, hoping to pad their lead, or close the gap, or maybe earn a spot in the top 10 to begin with, thus procuring a coveted single-digit WSBA number for next year's racing season. Some of us show up chasing 'hardware' (who needs prize money when cheap medals are awarded to the top five??!). A select few of us show up with an honest chance of winning the race, and becoming the state time trial champion (a distinction on par with winning a congressional medal of honor) -- IF -- and this is a big if -- IF Ian McKissick gets lost on his way to Tenino and can't make his start. Ian McKissick comes to crush us all.

Being state TT champ is all about showing up when Ian isn't there. Let's take a walk in the way-back-machine and see what I mean:

2006: I won. Ian wasn't there.
2007: I don't know, I wasn't there.
2008: I got crushed, and Ian won.
2009: I won. Ian wasn't there.

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