Friday, August 20, 2010

Tour of Utah 4.0: New Power Animal!

Alright, I'm trying a different tack all together with my power animal for today's time trial. So far, I've channeled moose and squirrels, but I think today's power animal should be something a little more intense. A little more hardcore. A little scarier. That is why I've selected Mark Twight as my power animal for the day.

For those of you who don't know, Twight is a famous mountain climber. I won't sing to you his accomplishments, but trust me, they are many. Twight is also the owner of Gym Jones, an exclusive gym in Salt Lake City that adheres to Twight's somewhat intense, but also highly successful brand of fitness philosophy. Spend some time in the knowledge section of the Gym Jones website -- it will do you good.

Twight's writing has been an inspiration of mine for quite some time, so it's been an extra special privilege to get to actually spend time with him here in Salt Lake. Some of the guys have gone on rides with him, and I even got to swing by Gym Jones and see some Jiu-Jitsu fighters doing a workout. Here's our director Joe Holmes, and Mark Twight in Gym Jones:
So, Mark Twight -- power animal for the day.

Also, look at this crazy time trial -- the Tour of Utah, where the easy stages are hard, and the hard stages are completely nuts.

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Anonymous said...

That is a wild circuit. Looks like a ton of fun to ride, but a beast for a TT!

Thanks for posting! It's super inspiring to be following your adventure. Mark Twight is a power animal indeed! I read a few of his books when I was into mtneering, and saw him speak when he was in Seattle. Impressive.