Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tour of Utah 1.0: Prologue Power Animal!

If you liked yesterday's deer sighting, you'll love the animals that dropped by our home stay this morning. That's right, Millie the Moose and her daughter Mabel dropped by and said hello.

I see this as an extremely good omen for today's short (2.8 mile) time trial. Did you know that a well-trained moose can sustain over 9,000 watts for five minutes? Well neither did I until this morning, when Millie decided to borrow the new stationary trainer we're keeping in the van and hammer out an interval. 

I can't believe how close these moose were! They slept in our lawn, and browsed for breakfast on the rose bushes. Here's Mike, our host dad, on his back deck, looking at Millie (slightly obscured, but she's there) -- RIGHT IN HIS BACK YARD! 

The only thing I can think of better than a moose to find in your back yard is a double-rainbow-all-the-way.


Martin Criminale said...

Damn... I feel like I'm looking at pictures from your last visit to Northwest Trek (http://www.nwtrek.org/). Pretty amazing.

Colin said...

go sam go!!!!

Dessa said...

Good luck there !